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The Lotus provides a number of wellness programs for corporations large and small. We will work with your team to create a custom meditation sessions specifically for your employees needs.

What The Lotus Offers: In-studio meditation classes, customized meditation classes at your location, team building workshops and seminars. Sample topics include: Tools for Stress Reduction, Visualization for Success, Mindfulness Based Business Practices, Tools for Better Sleep, and Abundance Mindset, to name a few. We can also customize a class to a specific topic of your choosing.

The Benefits of Meditation: The ancient art of meditation has many benefits, especially in the workplace. Studies have shown that meditation practiced in the workplace has a direct impact on increased productivity, creativity, focus, and the overall happiness of employees. Here are some reasons why bringing mindfulness practices into the workplace can have a big impact:

  • Mindfulness is one of the easiest – and cheapest ways – to help your employees become healthier and happier
  • Healthier employees means lower health care costs
  • Meditation improves employee focus, concentration and productivity
  • According to stress.org, “80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their co-workers need such help.”
  • Meditation is connecting the mind and the body, this disciplinary practice strengthens and exercises the brain
  • Meditation stimulates the mind and increases creativity
  • Meditation builds resiliency, decreases anxiety, and boosts emotional intelligence and balance
  • Meditation gives employees tools to deal with stress and mental unrest at work or at home.
  • Meditation builds a sense of community, team bonding and increased employee morale in the office
  • Meditation educates and empowers employees to take care of their mind
  • Five big companies that see the benefits of meditation and who have incorporated it into their corporate culture are: Google, Apple, NIKE, AOL Time Warner and AstraZeneca

Pricing: If you are interested in having The Lotus provide meditation/mindfulness instruction at your office or would like to host a team building experience in our studio, we are happy to provide you with a quote. Pricing will vary depending on location, number of participants and class length.


The Sobriety House team and clients would like to thank you for reaching out and offering your services to us. From day one Lynnea and Amanda have been so kind and informative about what the Lotus has to offer and how their services can benefit staff and clients. Our clients absolutely love the Mindfulness Meditations and now have a new tool to use in their recovery. Feedback from clients has been so Great! A lot of our clients have never experienced meditation and say they look forward to using this practice daily. Other comments have been “ I have never felt that way in my entire life and want to learn how to tap into that peaceful feeling again and again” . Staff and Clients alike love the space at the Lotus and the peace it brings just by walking through the doors. Thank you Prabhu, Sharon and Carissa for your amazing dedication to your field and the gift you give to all! I myself have joined the Lotus for meditation and Reiki training. The Lotus is more than just a meditation center, it is a community where you meet kind, loving people. I love to sit by the water feature and have a nice cup of tea and meet new people or just sit quietly before or after meditation. Thank you again and for those of you that have NO Peace, go to The Lotus and Know Peace!! -Sobriety House, March 2018
The Lotus Mediation Studio has done an excellent job with creating a peaceful welcoming and humble atmosphere for the Denver Health Urology Team. We have been scheduling monthly meditation sessions with Lotus for the last 2 months as a team-building experience and to also provide some much needed self-care. We all agree that we would benefit (as a team and as individuals!) by attending more sessions each month, but that can be difficult to coordinate with the whole team. The team agrees that we have been able to enter into the weekends with a more relaxed state-of-mind, which has helped with personal/family relationships as well, and prepares us for the upcoming work week. These sessions have served as reminders about the importance of practicing mindfulness on a more regular basis, too, and encouraging us to “let stressful things go,” even if it is for a temporary moment in time. Our Chief of Urology has pursued yoga after trying out the meditation session, which has improved his sleep! That’s a big deal. A lot of us don’t sleep well around here for various reasons: work stress, life stress, family members who aren’t doing well, being new parents, etc. – Denver Health, April 2018
I believe that meditation is a helpful way for youth at the Boys & Girls Club to help cope with life’s difficulties and to prepare their minds to approach challenges with a calm sense of mind. Many youth at the Boys & Girls Club have dealt with, or continue to deal with, trauma from home which can result in a stressful mind both at school and at the club. The Lotus Meditation Studio has given youth at the Boys & Girls Club tools to help ease the mind and start to understand what mindfulness is and how it can help them be successful in the future. – Boys & Girls Club: Godsman, March 2018