Carissa Banuelos


Carisa Banuelos is a Tantra certified Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, and Personal Coach who provides Shamanic healing in the Peruvian tradition.

Carisa is a self-help expert who has dedicated her life to helping others discover a life of sustained happiness, peace, and productivity after fighting to find her own. She is the mastermind behind a deep program of self-discovery that has changed many lives called The Foundational Self, which establishes functional healing through pattern re-alignment. Carisa has studied and uses a unique blend of methods and techniques to inspire healing including yoga, shamanism, reiki, neuropsychology, Tantra, Buddhism and more!

Wayne Easter


Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked as a professional theatrical performer, and early childhood educator, Wayne Easter arrived in Denver in 2009, where he worked as Lead Assistant in the Larkspur Kindergarten and worked for four years as Middle School dance teacher for The Denver Waldorf School.

In 2013, Wayne decided to return to his original passion of the performing arts and pursue a certification in yoga. Wayne graduated from The Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation in 2015. Wayne currently teaches at the Stout Street Foundation and Matrix Fitness and Spa. He is eager to share his knowledge with anyone who express’s interest, as he is always ready to explore self-awareness through meditation or physical movement, whether it’s dance, or yoga.

Sharon Cleere


Sharon’s goal when offering guided meditations is to develop a safe place for others to explore and discover their own perspectives.

She received her meditation instructor’s certification in India where she spent time immersed in the topics of meditation, yoga, philosophy, Taoism, Hinduism, and mindfulness. She has two Bachelor’s degrees, one in communication and the other in philosophy; this educational background trained her to make seemingly complex topics easy to understand. Sharon’s guided meditations meet at the intersection of deep philosophical topics and light-hearted play. Outside of offering guided meditation, Sharon is an author and the owner of Buddha Babies: a publishing company that offers children and their parents books that facilitate an understanding of meditation, yoga and philosophy.



Prabhu Kaur has been practicing Kundalini yoga for over a decade. Having practiced many styles of yoga for years prior, it has been Kundalini yoga that has offered the most potent and palpable transformative experience.

She studied and became a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor in majestic Crestone, Colorado, at the Crestone Healing Arts Center. A philanthropist at heart and professionally, she is ever inspired to share the teachings with factions of her community that may not routinely have exposure to such a deep and healing yoga experience. A teacher of Spanish and Music, Prabhu feels blessed to be able to merge her talents and teach in​ diverse educational or therapeutic forums, with students of any age or walk of life. Prabhu lives in Denver and travels the world with her family whenever possible to teach and practice Kundalini yoga, make music and offer pathways into the realms self-discovery and Love.

Nina Nizhone


At an early age, Nina was introduced to energy work and was raised in a Native American spiritual household.

She grew up studying alongside her family, in the community and with energy work guides. This experience has helped her to further develop her energy practices, guided meditation skills, mediumship and psychic abilities. Her passion is bringing people to a peaceful, centered sense of true self while holding a space for release and healing.

Ali Sweeney


Ali Sweeney offers an active meditation practice to help you change the energy you carry to create the life you choose.

She guides students to activate their intuition to feel more contented, present, and empowered.  Ali has enjoyed many other careers including mother, wife, nonprofit professional, and environmental engineer.


Skylark has been exploring and growing in her spiritual path for many years. She began her spiritual studies in a new age theology that focused on affirmative affirmation and visualization as a tool to create and shape one’s life.

In learning and practicing this approach to life for many years, her spiritual tools and studies expanded into treatment meditation and life manifestation.  Skylark has explored a variety of spiritual paths and has found a way to incorporate the benefits and rewards of each into her current practice.  Skylark’s Spiritual home-base is in Southern India, where she returns every year for a few months of extensive training and immersion into the practice of ancient Hindu yogic meditations. These ancient ceremonies, rituals and yogic meditations focus on the principle of allowing oneself to walk through life feeling emotion vs. suppressing emotion.  They are ultimately designed to release and heal past pain allowing one to live in the present with more joy and happiness.

Skylark is also a traveling spiritual artist whose work is influenced and driven by her spiritual passion and she travels internationally to share her vision through performance art.  In 2015, Skylark created her Moving Meditation classes, which were inspired by her dance training and her participation in Hindu movement ceremonies in India.   A variation of this class will be offered at The Lotus, as well as her women’s group, Goddess Gathering.  Skylark draws on her training, and spiritual practices that have worked for her to create classes that are inviting, transformational, and open to all.

Rae Riedel


With a background in multiple aspects of body/mindmedicine as well as personal development and coaching, Rae’s work supports others in optimizing function and aligning with their fullest potential. 

Rae has 27 years of experience supporting people  through chronic health  issues, pain syndromes,  injury recovery, and self-discovery through conscious  development and meditation. She hasbeen in a private,   holistically- based practice blending Functional Medicine, Spiritual Psychology, Body Work in  the form of hands- onchiropractic treatment Trigger Point dry needling, and  yoga therapeutics. Rae has spent over two decades  seeking answers to her own questions about health,  spiritual development and Conscious Living.



Mahadev is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, a Certified Transformational Life Skills
Guide, a Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor, Meditation & Gong Bath Facilitator, and an Acro
Yoga Teacher. Applying these ancient and modern modalities alongside my personal
experiences with healing, I offer clients the skills and tools to consciously create their lives. 

His professional interest and involvement in the counseling and wellness field began with his
own journey of healing both physical and emotional pain. These painful experiences presented
him an opportunity to create a new healthy reality for himself, through embracing the challenges
as a stimulus for transformation and healing. One of the many blessings of his healing journey
is having developed a professional career in which he support others on their paths to healing.

Preston Camp


Preston has had a connection with spirit for as long as he can remember. From early childhood spent with Native American guides to later connecting with healing spirits that he travels with now. His studies range from Arthur Findlay College in Standstead, England to Dezwanenhof School in the Netherlands, as well as various schooling in the U.S. He is constantly learning and connecting with spirit so he may achieve the best healing outcome in his sessions.

Trance healing is a combination of trance and healing, which allows for a deep connection where spirit can transfer their healing love. The difference between trance healing and other healing modalities is the level of consciousness of the healer. The healer is in a very deep delta brainwave state. A very similar type of healing has been made famous by John of God in Brazil.

Amanda Schaal


Amanda has always had a passion for mindfulness  and holistic living. She realized at a young age that  we are more than a physical body and has been in  constant pursuit of finding new ways to optimize her personal health and well being.  

She received her B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in phototjournalism and a minor in sociology. She loved capturing and telling people’s stories.

Her natural curiosity and passion for energy medicine lead her to obtain a Reiki Master Certification and study meditation and clairvoyance for 3  years.  Amanda is happy to bring her intuition and 15+ years of Sales, Office Administration and Fitness Studio Management to The Lotus.

Lynnea Tai


Lynnea is a Colorado State University alum with dual  degrees in Apparel and Design, concentrating in  Merchandising, Business Administration, and Marketing. 

Post college she spent time backpacking in Europe and  Asia. Upon her return to the States she started her own  company, DarcMoon, sustainably creating hand made  gemstone jewelry & mala’s. She has always been    interested in entrepreneurship and giving people tools tohelp themselves, which is what brought her to The Lotus.

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