Classes, Workshops & Energy Healing Descriptions

Meditation Classes


Learn to be in the present moment and explore your thoughts and feelings with this mindful meditation. Mindfulness is meditation in action, it increases your focus, awareness abd reduces stress levels actively through out the day.

Guided Journey 

In this class you will be guided through a shamanic journey. Each week, you’ll travel down a different path to find the answers you seek: find your spirit animal, re-visit to your youth, or connect to your higher self. This class will provide insight into the many aspects of who you are as a spiritual being.

Workday Wind Down

Come wind down and re-center.  Release your day and restore your inner balance. This meditation attempts to eliminate racing thoughts and mentally release the day.


In this class turn perceived negatives into positives by learning to meet yourself and others with warmth, patience, understanding, and love. Compassion is a great motivator, teacher and gift, as it encourages us to assume the best of others.


A calming and relaxing meditation to give your mind the break it needs.

Mindful Mid-Day Mind Break

 Take a 30-minute mind break during the middle of your day to re-center, re-energize and approach the rest of your day with clarity, calm and a sense of peace.

Chakra Balance 

Cleanse and clear your chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body that store energy. In order for our bodies to be functioning at their best the chakras need to be spinning. However with stress and trauma they can become stuck and create stagnant energy in the body.

Meditation for Beginners 

Meditation for beginners.  This class will break down and teach you the basics of meditation.

Wake Up

Wake up to the potential of your day with this energizing meditation class! Use pranayama elements to increase oxygen flow, body scanning, visualization and mindfulness guidance to carry your mindset throughout the day.


Happiness is a state of Mind. Let go of anxiety and focus on how to embrace the real you and light in your life.

Emotional Healing

A meditation created for emotional healing. This is a safe place to explore our deep seeded pains, and begin the journey of healing and release through meditation. 



Kundalini is a yoga of awareness, open to all experience levels. Connect with your universal life force through physical postures, breath work, mantra and meditation. Simple, effective teachings you can incorporate into your daily routine.



Meditation Workshops

A workshop is a unique extended meditation class with a special focus. The Lotus offers monthly rotating workshops, typically last in length of two hours. Check the schedule and see which workshops are offered this month.

Reiki Circle

Reduce stress and promote healing as radiant energy flows through and around you.

Meditation Movements

A night of divine celebration and connection with spiritual rhythms that will help guide you towards a state of peace, clarity, and connections with your divine self.

Goddess Gathering

A place where women come out and express their deepest divine. Share, connect and celebrate your goddess within.


Meditation that will take you on a journey from your childhood to the present.


Meditate and relax to the sounds of  Tibetan singing bowls.  Each sound and vibration bringing greater relaxation, healing and flow to your body and mind. Listen to the deeply soothing sounds and let your stress melt away.  

Candlelight Sit

Focus and meditation to the fire light of a Candle.

Healing Therapy

Healing Therapy can be extremely beneficial to individuals looking for psychological, physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Healing sessions can be very subtle but also very powerful in their immediate and long term results. Our healers have hour availble to book healings weekly. See which 

Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic Healing therapy session can be very powerful. By removing harmful energies you will leave your session with a feeling of empowerment and a sense of feeling well grounded.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki uses universal life force energy to rebalance chakras, release  emotional blocks from the body and increase the flow of Chi to create a natural healing process. Leave your session with a sense of lightness and well-being.

Spiritual Counseling 

Spiritaul Counselors take a look at the mind, body and spirit as a whole when working with clients. Addressing every person and situation as unique and working to elevate you to a higher perspective.  

Chakra Balancing 

The focus of Chakra Balancing is to clear impurities and bring balance to the seven chakras. It is a process that involves release through energy vibrations focused around the seven chakras. This centering practice can benefit an individual on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Chakra balancing can improve confidence, health, energy and motivate success. Common positive effects include feelings of joy, happiness, love and calmness.

Intuitive Readings

During a reading you will reciecve intutive guidance from a trained professional which can give you deeper meaning and understanding to your current circumstances.   

Trance Healing

Trance Healing is trance and healing in combination The difference between trance healing and other healing modalities is the level of consciousness of the healer. The healer is in a very deep delta brainwave state, this allows deep connection where spirit can transfer their healing love

Our instructors and healers have provided a little information about what

their work and healing sessions look like at The Lotus.


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