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This Is Why You Need a Meditation Teacher

By Tim Mulville - January 3, 2019

While many apps, books, and videos can be a starting point for developing a meditation practice, they cannot replace the value of a competent meditation teacher. An experienced meditation instructor is the single most important element to consider when implementing a practice to transform your life.

There are countless reasons to develop a daily practice of meditation, from the simple relief from life’s daily stresses to the creation of an extraordinary existence. Studies show that this ancient practice can change our brains and in turn changes our lives. Some of the benefits of meditation include:

* Increasing the brain’s ability to process information * Increasing self-awareness

* Reducing negative emotions

* Building skills to manage stress

Here are four reasons why working with a trained meditation teacher is key to fully realizing these benefits.

A Meditation Teacher Can Hold You Accountable

Often, I hear people say they do not have enough time to fit in 15 to 30 minutes of anything extra in their day. While it takes some discipline to begin a daily practice, once someone does create this habit, meditation becomes an enjoyable necessity rather than a chore. I often compare meditation to eating. We can go for a while without a meal, but it’s not something we look forward to, nor is it something we want to repeat regularly. Scheduling time with a meditation teacher can help you stay accountable when building this habit. Studies show that you are 65 percent more likely to do an activity when you commit to someone that you will do it. When you create an appointment with a person you are committed to, you are 95 percent more likely to do the activity.

A Meditation Teacher Can Relate to Your Challenges

I know the benefits meditation can bring to those who develop a practice because I have experienced them first-hand. Meditation saved my life and completely transformed it. I began practicing meditation after I lost everything and was truly miserable. Through practice, research and developing my own styles of meditation, I discovered my ability to create a life filled with joy, passion, and love. Because of my own journey, I believe we all can improve our health and wellbeing, and constantly effect positive change within our communities and beyond. I have made it my mission to share what I have learned and created to help others release themselves from a life that is not truly fulfilling. I bring this mindset to every meditation class I teach, and I know the other meditation teachers at The Lotus Meditation do also.

A Meditation Teacher Can Guide You

Beginning a regular meditation practice can be intimidating. You may feel like you have too many thoughts, may think you are fidgeting too much or may doubt if you’re meditating “correctly.” If you’ve tried to meditate and have felt anxious and decided that the practice is not for you, a meditation teacher can help. An experienced practitioner can help coach you through the initial physically uncomfortable sensations or emotions that arise when you first begin your practice.

A Meditation Teacher Can Help Change Your Brain State

For those who want to truly gain the transformative effects of developing a daily meditation practice, learning from a meditation teacher can quickly and comfortably change a student’s brain state. This brain state change in meditation allows students to go deep inside, where the seeds of dramatic life changes are planted.

At The Lotus Meditation Studio, our meditation teachers have diverse backgrounds, methodologies, philosophies, and perspectives. To find the meditation teacher that speaks to you, try one of our meditation classes and begin your journey to greater peace, joy, love, compassion, gratitude and personal transformation.